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from the Reverend Dr. Stephen Hippisley-Cox...


Dear All,

By the time you read this, we may have some more certainty around the Brexit process - as I write, we are at the point where parliament has voted for a delay, and the EU has yet to respond. Some deadlines in life we have some control over, e.g. the moment we choose to resign from a job or committee post, others are much less in our control, e.g. the birth of a child or a compulsory redundancy from work. I'm not sure into which of these two camps Brexit falls - to some it feels like something they choose, to others, including those who have since changed their minds on leaving, it very much feels like something that is being done to them. Whichever way we voted, or would vote now if such a thing were to happen, let us not lose sight of our common nationhood, and to work for the common good. 

Christian tradition encourages us to look out for those who are marginalised, and to be hospitable to the stranger in our midst - this is a thread that runs through the bible, with God's people themselves often being strangers in a strange land. At times in the church's history, it has failed very badly in this regard, and men and women of great courage have helped call the church back to our senses. 

May we, too, listen to those amongst us who call us back to a middle way, so that whatever the outcome of Brexit we may still be a compassionate and welcoming nation,a people that seek to understand difference and not marginalise it, and to work for a place in which we, and all our children, may continue to flourish. 

Looking forward to welcoming any of you to our Holy Week and Easter services in April. The story of new life, a fresh start after a time of death, division and disappointment, has a lot to say to use all in this time.

All the best,



News from Holy Trinity Church


We have been planning the social events for the church this year, there is some good news , some not so good news and a date for your diary . 

The good news 

On Thursday the 12th September we will be having our 5th Fashion show in church , the tickets are £15 to include Canapés and a glass of fizz, it has grown in its popularity,  a great evening  with a chance to see Helen from The Little Boutiques latest Collection , to avoid disappointment please get your names in early to any of us at the end of this message or from Helen at the Little Boutique .

On Friday 27th September following the success of last years musical evening The Tedesca string quartet will be performing again, tickets again will be £15 including refreshments tickets will be available from Clare Bahabra or Julia .


On the August Bank holiday weekend we will be holding an Afternoon tea in church further details will be shared as soon as we confirm the date. 


The not so good news 

We have decided that this year to have a break from holding the Strawberry Fair, it has been held for approximately 50 years,  but we now feel it needs refreshing and reinvigorating . We would welcome input from any of you as to what you would like to see and how you might be able to help us in achieving that. 

We are already confirming stalls and activities so Save the Date, Saturday 13th June 2020  we will keep you posted with updates as they emerge and look forward to seeing you all there.


Anne, Brigid, Charlotte, Jane, Louise & Julia .

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HOLY TRINITY church history

 Below is a very short history of Holy Trinity Church. You will be delighted to know that a wealth of Church images, history and general information may be found on the Southwell & Nottingham Church History Project Website.

In a prominent position to the south of the village stands Holy Trinity Church, on which site a church has probably stood for over one thousand years, with evidence showing that the church existed in Anglo-Saxon times. Although the Normans built a church on this site in the 11th or 12th Century, most of the present building was erected around the 14th or 15th Century, the spire perhaps being rather later.

Externally, the church stands much as it has done since that time. The buttress at the southeast corner appears to be very untidy and suggests that some damage had been caused to this section of the wall prior to the restoration of the 1870s.

The Church has undergone several restorations and repairs in its long history, all of which have combined to produce what has been rightly described as a “quite charming” building.


church committee




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committee member


We are delighted to announce that the 100 Club Harvest Winners are -  1st Prize number 92 and  2nd Prize number 64. 

a closer look at holy trinity church...

Inside Wysall Church
wysll church organ
Holy Trinity Church Wysall
Cross Grave Stone
Flower arrangement in Font
Fox on Church Pillar
Church back door