holy trinity church, wysall.

from the Reverend Dr. Stephen Hippisley-Cox...

This year is, of course, the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War – a terrible tragedy that led to the loss of much human life, and which was remembered, at least in the first few years that followed it, as the “war to end all wars”.

The nature of humankind, sadly, is to compete for resources, for power and advantage. I ‘ve just finished our first Harvest Festival of three across our churches – one of the key messages at harvest is to be grateful for what we have, and to say “sorrys” for the way in which we misuse God’s creation, and also hoard more than our fair share of the world’s bounty. That’s especially poignant when we consider how much food we waste, and how much plastic we package everything in.

We live in challenging times. We need to find a way forward as a nation that acknowledges our place in a global world, however Brexit works out, and takes seriously our responsibility to work for the common good. In many ways, this needs to begin with us at home too, for it is the little things that we begin to make a difference. These smaller things begin to add up, and begin to shape the way we behave as a people.

Let us work for peace, wherever possible, amongst our families, friends and neighbours. Let us be generous and share our skills and resources with our neighbours and within our villages – not to be exploited, but to increase the common good. Let this 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War encourage us to not let things remain the same, but to work, with God’s help, for something better

Yours as always


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HOLY TRINITY church history

 Below is a very short history of Holy Trinity Church. You will be delighted to know that a wealth of Church images, history and general information may be found on the Southwell & Nottingham Church History Project Website.

In a prominent position to the south of the village stands Holy Trinity Church, on which site a church has probably stood for over one thousand years, with evidence showing that the church existed in Anglo-Saxon times. Although the Normans built a church on this site in the 11th or 12th Century, most of the present building was erected around the 14th or 15th Century, the spire perhaps being rather later.

Externally, the church stands much as it has done since that time. The buttress at the southeast corner appears to be very untidy and suggests that some damage had been caused to this section of the wall prior to the restoration of the 1870s.

The Church has undergone several restorations and repairs in its long history, all of which have combined to produce what has been rightly described as a “quite charming” building.


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We are delighted to announce that the 100 Club Harvest Winners are -  1st Prize number 92 and  2nd Prize number 64. 

a closer look at holy trinity church...

Inside Wysall Church
wysll church organ
Holy Trinity Church Wysall
Cross Grave Stone
Flower arrangement in Font
Fox on Church Pillar
Church back door