holy trinity church, wysall.

from the Reverend Dr. Stephen Hippisley-Cox...


Dear All,

The next few months brings us drama and change across the church liturgical year.

February begins with Candlemas. This celebrates the infant Jesus being brought to the temple by his mother, and his welcomeby two elderly folk who are waiting for God messiah, or 'Gods rescue' to come to his peolpe. It marks the mid-point between Christmas (Jesus birth) and Good Friday/Easter Day, (his death and resurrection), both events, of course, for the whole world.

Then, in mid- February, we have Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, this year St Valentine's Day. Ash Wednesday is a day for allpeople to hear God's call to return to him. The 40 days of Lent are days of preparation to keep Easter well, to work out what things are essential and to commit ourselves to them.

Holy week and Easter Day are at the end of March this year. Easter Day itself is on the 31st March, the days that the clock go forward and we lose an hour's sleep. The cross and the resurrection are, of course,why the church is here. Like Christmas at the beginning of Jesus' life, the end of his life and the new beginning are key events for us all - they change the nature of our world.

Every blessing as the seasons change

Cannon Stephen


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a closer look at holy trinity church...

Inside Wysall Church
wysll church organ
Holy Trinity Church Wysall
Cross Grave Stone
Flower arrangement in Font
Fox on Church Pillar
Church back door